Rates As Low As 4.15%

Rates based on Fico & LT

650 FICO Mininimum


Up to 80% LTV on Cash Out

30 year & 5/1 Arm available!

Unlimited Funds

No Cap on the amount of loans you can originate with us.


Credit Repair Investors

Low doc options available


Trustworthy Funding

We work with institutional and private lenders of all types, giving you access to unlimited amounts of capital to fund your next project. Everything from large residential fix and flips to commercial property investments, we help you mobilize your project from start to finish.


We Keep it Simple

Ridgeway Lending is 100% virtual, and our process is seamless. You can speak to a real person throughout the entire process. We listen and care about your goals.

Customized Interest Rates

As a boutique firm, we customize terms for each project and investor. With rates as low as 6%, up to 80% of the purchase can be cashed out in 6 months. 30 year mortgages & no seasoning available! AirBnb investors are welcome!


Fast Lending Service

Our team understands your needs and has experience funding real estate projects. We can close as quick as 30 business days for cash out refinances.


Investors across the US trust Ridgeway for their hard money lending needs

The following states are excluded from where we lend: CA, NV, AZ, NY, OK, NC, ND, SD, AK. 



Landlord Financing

We specialize in helping investors rent residential and commercial projects.


Quality Results

Ridgeway Lending listens to your financial needs and works alongside your team to make financing your commercial project seamless.


Your Key To Success

We understand your financing needs. The correct financing can play a giant role in the success of your business.


Find Out if You Qualify

If you're serious about financing your real estate project, we'll be more than happy to get you the right financing solution.

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What are you waiting for? It’s time to fund your rental with rates as low as 6%!