Friendly funding, reliable service. 

We know that access to cash is crucial in acquiring properties and renovating properties. We take pride in being a one stop shop for all of your real estate financing needs. We have access to private investors, institutional lenders, and hedge funds that are able to help finance your project. If you need funds and are investing in real estate we are your one and only source for financing. 

Where do we lend?

We lend across the US except, CA, NV, AZ, NY, NV, OK, NC, ND, SD, AK. 


What do we do?

Ridgway Lending helps real estate investors finance their projects. We work direct with private investors around the nation and help our clients fund their projects. We specialize in funding non-owner occupant residential bridge loans. We are investors ourselves and understand what borrowers need. We offer competitive rates and outstanding customer service for all borrowers. Just because you don't have a live deal doesn't mean we won't hop on the call and help you figure out your next steps. 

The Process

1. Submit the deal 

Send us your deal. You can start by sending some info on our apply now page. If this is something we can fund, we'll send you an application and some other additional documents to fill out.  After review, we'll send you a loan proposal for you to approve. 

Underwriting and Approval 

We dive a little deeper into the deal. Ordering a BPO or appraisal to verify value. Also taking a look at your previous real estate investment experience along with credit worthiness. In addition to reviewing your scope of work with a feasibility report. Once we verify the deal looks good and your financial history checks out. We approve the loan and fund the deal. Closing takes about 2 weeks. 

Rehab Draws

Rehab is paid behind the work as a reimbursement. Interest is accrued on the entire loan amount. All materials must be installed for reimbursement. You decide your own draw schedule. Be sure to check and a double check your scope of work. We can only reimburse items that are in your build plan. You can have your GC front some of the labor and materials. Once they are installed and you are ready for the next draw, we send an inspector out. They verify completed work and we send out the funds directly to your account. Timing is 24-48 hours. You sell the house or refinance and we move on to the next deal!